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Founded in 2013 by two life-long friends with similar interests and core values but very different technical backgrounds and experience. The founding principals of EltonAlan include Dale Dubberly, CGC - a licensed General Contractor experienced in the construction of private commercial developments and residential communities and Mike Holcomb, P.E. - a licensed Professional Engineer experienced in the design of roadways and transit facilities for local. state and federal agencies. Their shared core values of quality and customer service are key components of EltonAlan's sustained success in the highly competitive fields of concrete construction and transportation engineering. Although concrete flatwork construction and transportation engineering design are EltonAlan's bread and butter, Mike and Dale have also been able to combine their areas of expertise to successfully develop niche combining several Their diverse background, combined with those core values owever  Working together for almost 10 years has also enabled them to  to has also enabled them to succedevelop a niche  but also evolve into one of the few design-build firms in the nation with extensive experience engineering and constructing  EltonAlan has been very successful at combining those diverse skill sets also been able to come one of a select few firms in the entire nation with the proven experience and technical expertise to successfully design AND construct transit facilities.

Whether your project is as simple as the construction of a small residential driveway, as complex as the engineering of a multi-lane urban roadway or as unique as a Bus Rapid Transit Corridor Design-Build Project, EltonAlan refuses to let of projects ranging rome small sidewalks to entire roadways, we have constructed residential driveways, sidewalks, bus stops, roadways, drainage Whether it be a roadway engineering design project, a simple residential driveway replacement or a Bus Rapid Transit system Design-Build project, EltonAlan's niche is our unique combination of skills, a broad range of applicable experience and ability to scale up or down as necessary in order to gain the competitive advantage needed in order to successfully  is uniquely suited to be extremely competitive on small projects, ramp up our resources in order to be successful on very large projects offers a unique ability to be competitive on projects of all sizes and the our clients the basic skills to deliver  a proven track record of successfully delivering projects of  all sizes